Promoting Learning Sharing of the GCF funded Projects Among the South Asian GAGGA Members


The South Asian countries have been accessing climate finance from the Green Climate Fund (GCF) to address the vulnerability induced by the impacts of climate change. These countries are building climate-resilient communities and adopting low carbon development pathways. In 2010, Green Climate Fund was established as an operating entity of the financial mechanism under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) to help developing countries fight climate change and move towards a low carbon future. The GCF is the most prominent climate change fund that mobilizes billions of dollars for developing countries.

The South Asian countries are currently implementing several GCF funded projects. A few civil society organizations monitor and oversee GCF-funded projects in their respective countries in South Asia. There is also no cross-country experience sharing among the stakeholders of South Asian countries on GCF-funded projects. This project tries to address the gaps in GCF-funded projects by documenting the cases and sharing them in a regional workshop.


The broader objective of this concept is to enhance cross-country learning on the GCF-funded projects’ compliance to GCF’s Gender Policy by engaging civil society stakeholders from South Asian countries. The specific objective is

 - Prepare and publish a case story on the GCF funded project from at least 3 of the GAGGA network South Asian countries.

 - Convene the learning sharing workshop and visits among the participating countries.