Multi Actor Partnership 100% Renewable Energies for Everyone


The “Multi-Actor Partnerships (MAPs) for Implementing Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) with 100% Renewable Energy (RE) for All in the Global South” is a three-year project commencing from 2020. Funded by the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development, Germany (BMZ) the project aims to introduce and consolidate multi-actor partnerships across varied stakeholders – government civil society, business, and academia - with a vision of transitioning towards a 100% renewable energy scenario in three countries – Nepal, Vietnam, and Uganda. In Nepal, the project is implemented by WWF Nepal and Prakriti Resources Center. The objective of the project is the introduction and consolidation of MAPs with a 100% RE target in three countries (Nepal, Uganda, Vietnam). The MAPs will develop narratives on the advantages and possible implementation of 100% RE scenarios.


  • By establishing a multi-actor partnership, consisting of government representatives, academic and research institutions, civil society, private sector including industries and financial institutions, NDC Partnership, development partners, multilateral development banks, industry, faith institutions and others, the project will facilitate knowledge exchange between stakeholders to develop a joint vision for a RE powered future.
  • Through the facilitation of participatory knowledge-sharing workshops and by using state-of-the Art modeling technologies, the project will develop a country-tailored 100% RE scenario that highlight possible transition pathways, based on the current energy mix and planned energy (renewable and traditional) projects and will support national climate change policy, NDC and SDG target implementation.
  • The MAP will use the 100% RE scenarios to discuss necessary policy changes for a 100% RE future and develop a 100% RE policy roadmap. The roadmap will include country RE potentials, an overview of the existing policy framework and will identify barriers to accelerate RE deployment as well as opportunities. Further, the roadmap will highlight policy recommendations.
  • The scenario as well as the policy outputs will be accompanied by national and international advocacy activities. To this end, accompanying communication materials will be developed to facilitate the policy-science interface and build capacity among key stakeholders to use the 100%RE scenarios and policy roadmap.
  • The project will implement renewable energy technologies (RETs) in rural areas of Nepal to improve energy access for marginalized and climate-vulnerable communities.

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