World Environment Day 2017 celebrated


Prakriti Resources Centre celebrated World Environment Day 2017 themed ‘Connecting nature to people’ by organizing a one day knowledge trip for the school students. A total of 25 students from Trimurthy Saha Sikshya Vidhyalaya studying in class 8 and 9 were given the opportunity of visit to ICIMOD Knowledge Park, Godawari, Lalitpur. The aim of this visit was to give exposure to the students on issues related to climate change and its impacts on soil, water, livelihood, biodiversity and so on. The guide inside the park showed the students around and gave necessary information regarding the sustainable technologies. The knowledge park provides a demonstration of testing of sustainable technologies, farming practices and renewable energy technologies.

On asking the students about their experience of the visit, they said they were glad to be a part of this trip. It was the first time for all the students to visit the knowledge park. They have had a practical experience and exposure through this visit.

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