Orientation Programme on Environment Education


Prakriti Resources Centre with the support of Nagarjun municipality organized an Orientation programme on Environment Education in five different schools of Nagarjun from 12 to 14 June 2017. The programme mainly focused on two important issues of environment i.e. climate change and solid waste management. The aim of this programme was to extend awareness among the youths about climate change and its impacts along with unmanaged waste which has become a challenge for the government in our country.

The students were actively participating in the programme and were interactive during the sessions. They were eager to know more about climate change issues and raising questions on how to make efforts to reduce the impacts.

Name of the five schools-  

  1. Amarjyoti Secondary School
  2. Balbodh Secondary school
  3. Shree Halchowk Secondary School
  4. Shree Yuva Sahabhagita Secondary School
  5. Sitaram Secondary School