National Round table on Climate Change and Development


Climate and development practitioners and experts gathered in Kathmandu today suggested the government of Nepal take climate change and development together and not separately while pursuing the ‘Prosperous Nepal and Happy Nepali’ goal. In the context of formulating the 15th development plan, it is imperative that the government ensure climate considerations in development priorities and plans.  Sectorial plans and priorities must consider climate vulnerabilities and become climate-smart.

 Addressing the National Round Table on Climate Change and Development, Hon. Tara Devi Bhatta, Chair of Sustainable Development and Good Governance Committee and Member of National Assembly shared that climate change is imposing multiple challenges to development of Nepal and the government must take urgent actions to address these challenges. Hon. Min Bahadur Shahi, Member, National Planning Commission informed the Round Table participants that the Commission is incorporating climate change in the 15th development plan process and called for recommendations and suggestions from civil society organizations, which can be used as input while working on the 15th plan. Dr. Maheshwor Dhakal, Chief, Climate Change Management Division and Joint Secretary, Ministry of Forest and Environment informed that the Ministry is revising National Climate Change Policy, 2011 and Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) in line with the changed national and international contexts. He said that inputs from CSOs and other interested actors is highly welcomed by the Ministry.

 Experts and practitioners shared their insights and experiences in inter-linkage between climate change and development in three technical sessions organized as part of the event. Technical session included, Gender Inclusion in Environment and Climate Change Actions, Financing Climate and Development Actions in Nepal and Building adaptive and resilient communities in Nepal. Tewa, HiMAWANTI, Prakriti Resources Centre, Helvetas and Practical Action Nepal facilitated these sessions.  

 After thorough discussions, the sessions came up with the following recommendations for inclusion in national plans and policies.

  • Women, especially at grassroots level, are the custodians of natural resources and their knowledge and expertise must be utilized in climate change and development planning processes.
  • Climate Finance is critical to roll out adaptation and mitigation actions. Institutional capacity needs to be built at all levels to utilize and mobilise domestic and international finance.
  • Adaptation is key to build resilience capacity of communities and the country. The government must focus on mainstreaming adaptation across municipal, provincial and federal plans and priorities.

 Climate and Development Dialogue, an informal network of national and international non-government organizations and organizer of the programme, plans to share the inputs generated in the programme to the Ministry of Forest and Environment, National Planning Commission and other government agencies concerned.