National Conference of Practitioners on Climate Change:Linking Practices to Policy


In wake of new climate change policy in Nepal and country’s experience implementing climate change related initiatives it is of essential importance to get the perspective of the practitioners. For practitioners, some of the policy dialogue on climate change can seem very different from the realities and implementation challenges they face on the ground. It is they who constantly and systematically iterate, refine, and adapt it based on what they are learn throughout the process. Therefore, it is crucial to get their valuable insights into the practice of designing, implementing, evaluating and scaling interventions. Such a learning approach for all stakeholders, including the policymakers, will help to derive useful practical insights to frame quality, inclusive, and coherent climate change interventions.

Recognizing and building on the knowledge through the ‘doing’ of the practitioners, Climate and Development Dialogue has organized a day-long conference on November 22, 2019 in Kathmandu. The conference reflected on good practices in climate change work and thereby sought to influence policy and practice in Nepal and expand this knowledge internationally as well.

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