Core Values

PRC core values demonstrate our commitment to the cause we address. These values influence our attitude and behavior as we who we are and those we work for.


We are honest, transparent and accountable on what we do. We accept responsibility for our actions and fair towards individuals and communities we work for. We reflect integrity in our programs, financial management practices and relationships with partners, supporters and communities.


We value our differences and consider diversity as strength in our work and within the organization. We learn from each other’s experience and engagement. We also believe that diversity contributes to positive change in the society.

Care for the Environment

We are committed to advancing the protection of natural environment. We believe that our development process should exert minimum impacts on the natural resources and rights of future generations. Individual or communities should have fair access to environmental resources.

Justice and Equity

We ensure that social, economic and environmental rights and values are protected for each individual regardless of gender, ethnicity, physical and mental ability. We work actively on to bring justice to individuals and communities we work for.

Commitment to Learning

We recognize that professional development is fundamental for a mature, sustainable and successful organization. We seek to continuously improve ourselves through training, sharing experiences, learning by doing and thorough reflections.