Climate and Development Dialogue

Climate and Development Dialogue (C&D Dialogue) is an informal common platform of non-government stakeholders that facilitates dialogues and exchange of knowledge and learning on the interrelations between climate change, development and gender equality. It also works to bridge the knowledge gap on these areas between the national and local levels and generate collective actions for policy interventions. 

Climate and Development Dialogue Member Organization: 

  1. Action Aid Nepal
  2. CARE Nepal
  3. Dan Church Aid (DCA Nepal)
  4. DidiBahini Nepal
  5. HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation, Nepal
  6. HIMAWANTI Nepal
  7. Karnali Integrated Rural Development and Research Centre (KIRDARC)
  8. Practical Action Nepal
  9. Prakriti Resources Centre (PRC)
  10. SAHAS Nepal
  11. TEWA – Philanthropy for Equitable Justice and Peace

Activities of Climate and Development Dialogue

  1. National Roundtable Outcome Submission By C&D Dialogue Members To The National Planning Commission. Link 
  2. National Roundtable on Climate Change and Development. Link
  3. Interaction Program On ‘Climate Finance In National Budget Of Nepal.’ Link
  4. Orientation Programme on Gender and Climate Finance. Link
  5. National Conference Of Practitioners On Climate Change:Linking Practices To Policy. Link
  6. Reflection Report 2019: Climate and Development Dialogue. Link