Development of a common platform for climate and development practitioners

PRC will secure the buy-in from the CSOs, the government and the private sector for its role as a convener. It intends to promote a platform as a flagship initiative to bring together multiple non-government and government stakeholders, facilitate dialogues, exchange of knowledge, experience and learning, and at times, training and orientation on crucial issues relating to climate change and development practices. It will help build a shared understanding of climate change and development and foster collaboration for collective influencing work. It will also help bridge the information and knowledge gap between the Centre and the grassroots, and inform influencing work.

 Research and Knowledge sharing

PRC will conduct research and studies to increase its knowledge base, and to inform and influence policy and decision making at different levels. Research findings and information will be widely shared through publications, interactions, newsletters and digital media.

 Policy Engagement

PRC believes that right policy choices will shape the environmental integrity and development of a country. Hence, PRC will stand ready to substantially contribute to formulation and implementation of effective policies through engagement with policy makers and the government.

 Capacity Building

Building capacity, skills and knowledge of PRC itself, its allies, potential local actors and policy makers is imperative to pursue a common cause. PRC will conduct training, exposure visits and shares information backed by research and experience through various means as part of its capacity and knowledge building endeavour.

 Partnership and networking

PRC will increase its engagement with NGOs, INGOs working in climate change and women’s rights, the government and the private sector across all its work (policy intervention, research, knowledge building, capacity building and learning together) to support and strengthen these work, to maximize its influencing potential.